Wednesday, July 8, 2009


What are Multiple Intelligences?

It has been claimed by some researchers that our intelligence or ability to understand the world around us is complex. Some people are better at understanding some things than others.

For some of us it is relatively easy to understand how a flower grows but it is immensely difficult for us to understand and use a musical instrument. For others music might be easy but playing football is difficult.

Instead of having one intelligence it is claimed that we have several different intelligences.
These are listed below:

Kinaesthetic - Body Smart Linguistic - Word Smart
Logical - Number Smart Interpersonal - People Smart
Intrapersonal - Myself Smart Musical - Music Smart
Visual/Spatial - Picture Smart Naturalistic - Nature Smart
1. Kinaesthetic - Body Smart
You may be body smart. You will enjoy sports and are good at swimming, athletics, gymnastics and
other sports. This is sometimes called being Kinaesthetic smart.
2. Linguistic - Word Smart
You may be word smart. You will enjoy reading, writing and talking about things.
This is sometimes called being Linguistic smart.
3. Logical - Number Smart
You may be number smart. You will be good at mathematics and other number activities;
you are also good at solving problems. This is sometimes called being Logical smart.
4. Interpersonal - People Smart
You may be people smart. You will like to mix with other people and you will belong to lots of clubs.
You like team games and are good at sharing. This is sometimes called being Interpersonal smart.
5. Intrapersonal - Myself Smart
You may be myself smart. You will know about yourself and your strengths and weaknesses.
You will probably keep a diary. This is sometimes called being Intrapersonal smart.
6. Musical - Music Smart
You may be music smart. You will enjoy music and can recognise sounds, and timbre,
or the quality of a tone. This is sometimes called being Musical smart.
7. Visual/Spatial - Picture Smart
You may be picture smart. You will be good at art and also good at other activities where you
look at pictures like map reading, finding your way out of mazes and graphs. This is sometimes
called being Visual/Spatial smart.
8. Naturalistic - Nature Smart
You may be nature smart. You will like the world of plants and animals and enjoy learning
about them. This is sometimes called being Naturalistic smart.

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